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Since 1974, with its continuous and dynamic presence, our company serves companies such as: vehicle-machine workshops, gas stations, machine shops, handicrafts, etc. and has managed thousands of tons of used mineral oils.


From 2017 we collect and transport additional hazardous waste to their final disposal, in the most correct and environmentally safe way. We thus added to our clientele the body shops-dye shops and car washes, thus covering a large part of car waste management.


Throughout the operation and in full compliance with applicable law, we have not received any kind of administrative fine from a competent authority and we have no history of damage.  


What MANOIL also has in relation to the competition and makes it stand out, are:


Experience and Specialization 

Renewed equipment





Respect for the environment of the collection point

Formality and Transparency in financial transactions

Highly trained staff

Responsible information on the developments of environmental legislation

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