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dangerous wastes

Extra hazardous waste management is a specialized part of our services.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive services possible, in addition to our main activity, we are able to identify, mark and immediately collect-transport and dispose of them in approved facilities, while providing the necessary management certifications to the producer.

Our company undertakes the obligation to manage under its sole responsibility hazardous waste as listed in the European Waste Catalog (EWC) and are marked below:


08 01 11 *
Waste from paints and varnishes containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances

08 01 13 *
Mud from paints or varnishes
containing organic solvents or other  dangerous substances

08 01 17 *
Waste from the removal of paints or
varnishes containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances

12 01 12 *
Exhausted waxes and fats

12 01 16 *
Waste sandblasting materials set
   contain dangerous substances


13 05 01 * 

Solid materials from waste chambers and solid separator materials  oil / water

13 05 02 * 
Oil / water separator sludges

13 05 03 * 
Receptor sludges


13 05 07 * 
Oily waters from oil / water separators

13 05 08 *
Waste mixtures from waste chambers and separators

oil / water

14 06 02 * 
Other halogenated solvents and

mixtures of solvents

14 06 03 * 
Other solvents and mixtures


15 01 10 * 
Packages containing

residues of dangerous substances

or have been infected by them

15 02 02 * 
Absorbent materials,
filter materials (including paint oven filters ), wiping cloths,

protective clothing set

have been infected by dangerous


16 01 07 * 
Oil filters

16 01 13 * 
Brake's liquid

16 01 14 * 
Antifreeze-containing liquids

dangerous substances

16 07 09 * 
Wastes containing others

hazardous substances ( from cleaning  transport and storage tanks as well as barrels)


According to the legislation, the management of hazardous waste is the responsibility of the producer, who has the obligation to determine the type of waste resulting from his activities. In the event that the code declared does not match the code that is actually delivered, he bears full responsibility. 
In this context, each company-producer should: either undertake to manage its waste according to the prescribed procedures, or choose the appropriate partner, who, having all the permits, insurances and certifications, will carry out the safe and environmentally sound management, providing the necessary certificates.
In addition to the management of used mineral oils, which is our main activity, we are able to offer the best possible services in this sector, starting from the organization of the collection, up to their final disposal in the most correct and technically safe manner way. Our company is trained in the latest regulations, protecting you from liability and ensuring your environmental compliance.


Our service includes all work and materials for the receipt and proper disposal of hazardous waste. Analytically:


  • Issuance of all the documents, permits and approvals required by law for the management and transport of waste. 

  • Control and delivery of the appropriate packaging (UN type), in accordance with international standards as defined in the European ADR Convention for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

  • During the delivery of packaged waste, the producer receives the corresponding number and type of empty packaging 

  • Marking of packages according to specifications

  • Loading and safe placement of the waste in a suitable transport vehicle

  • Use of certified means of transport (Type approval for vehicles where required – Certification of containers)

  • All the necessary materials and equipment to carry out the packing, marking and loading operations

  • Road transport of the waste to the site of the installation that will carry out the final disposal

  • Issuance of an Identification Form in accordance with KYA 13588/725/06

The time and manner of waste collection depends on the location and quantity:

Prefecture of Attica - ZONE A


For collection points located in the following municipalities, the  minimum receipt quantity is 50 kg  and is carried out with privately owned F.I.X. by appointment at a scheduled time.

Piraeus / Perama / Keratsini - Drapetsonas / Korydallos / Nikaia - Agios Ioannis Rentis  



Prefecture of Attica - ZONE B


For collection points located in the following municipalities, the minimum receipt quantity  is  100 kg  and is carried out with privately owned F.I.X.  by appointment at a scheduled time.

Athens (outside the ring zone) / Egaleo / Kallithea / Moschato - Tavros / Nea Smyrni / Paleo Faliro / Peristeri /  Chaidari  Agia Varvara / Agios Dimitrios / Agioi Anargyroi - Kamatero / Alimou / Vyronos / Glyfada / Elliniko - Argyroupolis / Dafni - Ymittou / Zografou / Ilioupoleos / Ilio / Metamorfoseos / Nea Ionia / Petroupoleos / Filadelos 

Prefecture of Attica - ZONE C


For collection points located in the other municipalities of the Prefecture of Attica , the minimum collection quantity  is 300 kg

and is carried out with privately owned F.I.X. by appointment at a scheduled time.

Rest of the Country


For collection points that are located in the rest of Greece and have a large quantity  waste, we use cooperating companies - contractors,
overseeing their collection and transportation .

The receipt is made after consultation at a scheduled time.

Offer of cooperation


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