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Our company is professional  with the collection and transport of used mineral oils and other hazardous waste (GEM No.: 124572507000) and aiming to ensure the quality of services provided and the protection of the environment, states that:

He is the owner of a nationwide one  license  collection and transport of waste oils - other hazardous waste

It is registered in  register  hazardous waste management bodies of YPEKA (No.  087)  as well as in the Electronic Waste Register (No. HMA: 084)

He owns insurance policies  contracts  environmental liability from the start of the waste collection process and throughout their transport, until the installation of the final disposal facility for damage to third parties and the restoration of the environment, which may occur in the event of an accident 

It has in force  contracts  cooperation:
1) For the
  Used Mineral Oils: with the approved alternative management system ENDIALE SA  and with licensed regeneration companies 

2) For other Hazardous Waste: with approved  temporary storage facility and with a certified Security Consultant for their safe transport

It has  privately owned trucks 
1) For the
  Used Mineral Oils: Tanker  (M.B. <3.5 tn),  licensed  for the transport of ALE and properly equipped with all safety means 

2) For other Hazardous Waste: Closed type truck  (M.B. <3.5 tn),  licensed  for the transport of hazardous waste  and properly equipped according to ADR requirements 

Drivers performing the transport holdings of a valid ADR vocational training certificate, equivalent to the transported materials

Dangerous waste collection and transport permit & Modification
ADR - Certificate
transport of dangerous goods

Proof of entry in the register of hazardous waste management bodies
Proof of registration in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA)
Contract with ENDIALE SA (National Collective System of Alternative Management ALE)
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