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The main object of our company is the collection and transport of used mineral oils (Waste Lubricating Oils - WASTE) for recycling, in accordance with existing legislation.

Specifically, it concerns the following listed categories and codes as highlighted in chapter 13 of the European Waste List (EWL).




Mineral oils are petroleum products that are mainly used as lubricants for vehicle engines and industrial machinery. Used mineral oils, through the contamination they have suffered during their use, contain dangerous chemical substances and have become unsuitable for lubrication, due to the presence of impurities and other products (e.g. other mineral and/or synthetic based lubricants, water, fuel, asphalt products, etc.) or due to the loss of their original properties.

It is obvious that their incorrect disposal can be particularly dangerous for human health and the environment. Since they are hazardous waste, recycling - according to the law - is the best management process.
Today's technology can recover almost 100% of useful materials and produce high-quality regenerated base oils, fully certified and with modern market requirements (ALE is a valuable raw material). Their re-refining separates the water, oil and bituminous products and through distillation brings back the lubricating oil (distillate) as during the refining process. Waste oils are not the end of the life of oils, but the beginning of their reuse cycle, which can be endless.


We undertake the obligation to pick up the ALE with a suitably equipped tank truck, to pick up at least 200 lt (180 kg). This is done by means of a pump, with which the temporarily stored A.L.E. is sucked up. from tanks and barrels. Our company has a nationwide license to collect and transport waste lubricating oils, but does not have storage facilities. The quantities he collects, he transports them on the same day for storage in one of the collection centers of the Alternative Management System "ENDIALE  S.A.", until he disposes them in certified treatment facilities (refineries).
ALE must not be mixed with substances such as: used antifreeze, brake fluid, waste fuel, halogenated solvents or any other type of hazardous waste, which must be managed separately. Transformer oils or oil products that may contain PCBs  are tested prior to collection on a case-by-case basis. MANOIL uses an ongoing used oil testing program to check for contamination non-compliance. ALEs found to be out of specification or hazardous due to contamination are rejected for collection.

The ownership and risk of the ALE to be managed passes and is transferred from the producer to our company upon completion of the delivery of a Shipping Note issued for this purpose by the producer with the recipient's details indicated by our company. At the same time, we undertake to issue an "Acknowledgment Form - Receipt Certificate" (as provided for by PD82/ΕΚ64Α/2-3-2004, article 5#D), which we deliver duly completed and share with the cooperating Alternative Management System (AMS), ensuring full compliance with Environmental Legislation and all hazardous waste regulations.

In case of intentional/unintentional pollution or an emergency, our company becomes responsible for covering the damages to third parties and restoring the environment to its previous state.

13 01 - Waste hydraulic oils

13 01 04 *
Chlorinated emulsions

13 01 05 *
Unchlorinated emulsions

13 01 09 *
Chlorinated hydraulic oils based on minerals

13 01 10 *
Non-chlorinated hydraulic oils based on minerals

13 01 11 *
Synthetic hydraulic oils

13 01 12 *
Direct biodegradable hydraulic oils

13 01 13 *
Other hydraulic oils

13 02 - Waste gearbox oils and lubrication

13 02 04 *
Chlorinated Mineral, Transmission and Lubricating Oils Based on Minerals

13 02 05 *
Non-chlorinated Mineral, gearbox and mineral based oils

13 02 06 *
Synthetic Crude, Transmission and Lubricating Oils

13 02 07 *
Direct biodegradable engine oils, gearbox oils and

13 02 08 *
Other Crude, box oils
  speeds and lubrication

13 03 - Waste insulation and heat transfer oils

13 03 06 *
Chlorinated ionizing oils or
  Heat transfer Based on  minerals other than those mentioned in point

13 03 01

13 03 07 *
Non-chlorinated insulating and
heat transfer oils based  τα  minerals

13 03 08 *
Synthetic Insulation and
Heat Transfer Oils

13 03 09 *
Direct biodegradable
insulation and heat transfer oils

13 03 10 *

Other insulating and heat transfer oils

13 04 - Waters from collectors  

13 04 01 *
Inland waterway oils

13 04 02 *
Oil collecting oils from sewer systems

13 04 03 *
Waters from other vessels


The time and wa receipt of the waste depend on the location and quantity
Prefecture of Attica - ZONE A

For collection points located in the following municipalities, the  minimum quantity of receipt is 200 lt and is made with privately owned F.I.X. tanker  in 1-2 working days  from the notification of the producer.

Piraeus / Perama / Keratsini - Drapetsonas / Korydallos / Nikaia - Agios Ioannis Rentis  



Prefecture of Attica - ZONE B

For collection points located in the following municipalities, the  minimum quantity of receipt is 500 lt and is made with privately owned F.I.X. tanker  in 1-3 working days  from the notification of the producer.

Athens (outside the ring zone) / Egaleo / Kallithea / Moschato - Tavros / Nea Smyrni / Paleo Faliro / Peristeri / Chaidari  Agia Varvara / Agios Dimitrios / Agioi Anargyroi - Kamatero / Alimou / Vyronos / Glyfada / Elliniko - Argyroupolis / Dafni - Ymittou / Zografou / Ilioupoleos / Ilio / Metamorfoseos / Nea Ionia / Petroupoleos / Filadelos  

Prefecture of Attica - ZONE C 

For collection points located in the other municipalities of the Prefecture of Attica , the minimum collection quantity  is 1000 lt and  is carried out with privately owned F.I.X. tanker in  2-4 working days from the notification of the producer.

Rest of the Country

For collection points located in the rest of Greece and have a large quantity of ALE,  we use cooperating companies - contractors, having the supervision of their collection and transport . 

The collection takes place after consultation at a scheduled time and the minimum quantities of receipt are as follows:
- For the mainland : 10000 lt
- For the island country: 20000 lt



If you change the oils yourself and have a small amount of ALE , we recommend that you place them in a safe container and transport them to the nearest collection point (vehicle repair shop, gas station, etc.)

Offer of cooperation


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